Robust Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research and Development Platform

At Hokudai Robust Center, we aim to form a cross-departmental consortium (including collaboration with external organizations) that will lead to the development of agriculture, forestry and fisheries, high profitability, robustness, and the creation of new business fields.

By holding study groups and international forums, and providing opportunities for researcher exchange and information gathering, we will promote the setting of R & D themes that capture the needs of the region.

In order to accelerate the progress of these research themes, we will solicit research themes that will contribute to this initiative through open recruitment within the university, and carry out research and development based on the free ideas of each researcher.

The platform is participated by National and Regional research institutions, such as the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, the National Institute for Advanced Industrial Science and Technology and Hokkaido Research Organization, and Companies relating to the food industries, local government, municipalities.

This platform is operated by Hokkaido University Research and Education Center for Robust Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Industry, now.  Based on this center, we are planning to establish The Food Valley Foundation within a couple of years.  

This will coordinate, plan, and carry out projects by linking these sectors, and manage finance and intellectual properties. 

Our system is basically motivated by the seed-needs matching between academia, National and Regional research institutions and industries, local government, municipalities. Also Problem Based Learning (PBL) will be provided based on the project or collaborative research for Graduate students.

Collaboration Overview
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