Robust greenhouse project

In order to support researchers in research and development from the aspect of equipment, we have set up a greenhouse on the campus of Hokkaido University where we can experiment with facility gardening.

The purpose of this greenhouse is to:

  • Heat and light management technology for the climate of Hokkaido
  • Verification of new production methods that match the characteristics of agricultural products in Hokkaido
  • Development of agricultural support robots
  • Development of elemental technologies that contribute to improving the productivity of facility horticulture

For those purposes, by designing with due consideration of these research items and forming a team in charge of maintenance and maintenance of crops in the greenhouse, even researchers who do not have cultivation facilities can do their own research. It is possible to realize a research environment in which seeds can be tested at the production site.

It is expected that this greenhouse will strengthen R & D capabilities that take advantage of the regional characteristics of Hokkaido University.

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